the nine gates

from the brush of Bob Schmitt

Student and teacher of Chinese brush painting, Bob Schmitt depicts nine gates of a spiritual journey, transforming the aesthetic of the traditional Chinese scroll into digital internal landscapes.

Wall titles include the artist’s singular poetic description of each gate. Click on image of each scroll to see inscription.


These paintings began as calligraphic sketches to create composition and energy level for each gate. Each then was painted using traditional Chinese materials: ground ink, transparent watercolor on xuan paper. Paintings were then scanned and enhanced digitally. The background for each scroll began by taking a sample from the painting to create a basic block. These blocks were then used to compose the faux silk patterns that frame each painting.



click on image for inscription

2 Darkness 500


click on image for inscription

7 Longing 500


click on image for inscription

4 Abandonment 500


click on image for inscription

5 Rage 500


click on image for inscription1 Emptiness500


click on image for inscription

6 Compassion 2155_s1


click on image for inscription3 Oneness 500


unbridled joy
click on image for inscription9 Unbridled Joy 500


click on image for inscription8 Delusion 500

scroll photography: Christian Korab


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