performance brush painting

brush painting as performance art

Bob has performed as an improvisational brush painter with Enso Daiko, a Twin Cities based Taiko drumming ensemble, Soul Cafe, a jazz combo, with Coloring Time, the Minneapolis based improvised music collective, and in multi-modal performance pieces. He leads audience participation events performing “the great river”. Bob also provides the opportunity for brush painting at special events, workshops and school residencies.

Bob performing with Coloring Time, a Minneapolis based improvised music collective. In the spirit and rawness of improvisational performance, Bob creates large scale paintings in the immediacy of their improvised music and vocals.

divide,  Bob Schmitt,11.06.2012

CTwBS11.6.2012 the ensemble

the Coloring Time ensemble at Icehouse, Minneapolis, 11.6.2012

Bob performing with Soul Cafe a  jazz combo at an event at Open Book, Minneapolis.

Bob setting up the glowing altar for “discomfort”, Joe Horton’s multi-modal improvisation piece at the Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, 2.10.2014. discomfort set updis-comfort-handout1
Joe Horton, Blake Nellis, Taja Will, Kristoff Krane, foreground; Robert Mulrennan, Graham O’Brien, Casey O’Brian, Chastity Brown and John Keston on stage


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