For Continuing Students

Dance of the eye & hand: more fundamentals of Chinese brush painting video lessons

These are intended for the student with some background with Asian brush painting and for the adventurous who wish to push their skills.

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A single lesson can be purchased for $20

Purchase of each lesson includes:
• unlimited use of the video lesson
• personal email critiques from brush painter Bob Schmitt
• a downloadable pdf handout including support materials and models for this lesson

To make payment for Bob’s distance learning videos, email critiques and PDF models, click on Pay Here button at top of page or below.

Chinese Painting Theory (click to learn more)

A series of ten video lessons examining

• The Three Distances

•The Six Methods

• The Eight Relationships

Building Brush Skills (click to learn more)

A series of 11 video lessons to further exercise and deepen the student’s use of brush

Calligraphy Couplets (click to learn more)

A small collection of Chinese couplets suitable for encouragement, birthdays, the holidays and more

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