marketing by design

getting attention in a crowded marketplace.

promotional graphics for multi-modal performance piece for voice, cello, bass, drum, keyboard, dance, and brush.

discomfort-cover-air discomfort-cover-earth discomfort-cover-firediscomfort-cover-waterdis-comfort-handout1


dynamic visual impact for 12 annual themes for Key West Literary Seminar 1997 – 2015


KWLS-2000-logoKWLS-2002-logo  KWLS-2003-logoKWLS-04-logo KWLS-2005-logo KWLS-2006-logo-1  KWLS-2007-logo KWLS-2008-logo KWLS 09 logo.indd KWLS-2010-logo KWLS-2015logo


create campaign themes and visuals consistent with Quaker values for green retrofit of office/meetinghouse in Center City Philadelphia

FC good by fuelsFC ad 1 FC ad 3   FC web homeFC web screen grab 1FC gray2green single button FC box unopenedFC box set updownload a pdf portfolio of design from Laughing Waters Studio• see examples of information graphicssee examples of logos and identity

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